b'A FULL SLATE Transformational Programming IOF SEMINARS Inspiring Life-Changing Programs Toward Next-Level Outcomes Our 65 seminars will be presented in the following tracks. The FASTER Scale: Catching Relapses Exact topics, with descriptions and presenters, will soonBefore They Happen be available on our website. Serving Homeless HomeschoolersPower and Control: Men and Healthy RelationshipsPerils and Possibilities of Clinical Provider Partnerships Client & CultureInformal SupportsA Vital Part of Rebuilding Tracking with Global Trends, Legal Issues, Lives and other Critical Ministry TopicsGenerating Real ChangeTransformational Programming Il Educating the Next Generation of Mission Female AggressionWhats that About? LeadersInnovating Recovery (Using Artificial Permanent Stable Housing for Homeless Intelligence Tools)FamiliesPersonalized Charity Through Categorization Helping Dads be Dads and Discernment Transformed on the Trail: How OutingsIn Search of ImageBearing: Using anChanged Our Clients and Team Assetbased Approach to Ministry Intimacy with Purpose Strategic Thinking Resource Development IInspiring Intentionality and VisionRousing Transformational Giving for Ministry Leaders at All Levelswith Cutting-Edge StrategiesLeading an Intergenerational Workforce Courageous Fundraising: Doing theMaximizing the Benefits of Your Strategic PlanUnthinkable to Do the ExtraordinaryEmbracing Challenges and Opportunities Womens Philanthropy and Why Its Important in Taking the Reins of a Storied Ministry The New Norm in Capital CampaignsThe Profile of a Modern Ministry Board How to Knock the Socks Off Your DonorsLeading in the Next Normal Forward by Faith: 5 Simple Keys toMore Dollars and Less Stress in 2021 Public Image & BrandingEnergizing Deeper Community ConnectionsResource Development IIand Collaborative Partnerships Will You be Ready when an Estate GiftHow to Work with Your Nonprofit NeighborsComes Calling?The Media and the Ministry Crafting Your #GivingTuesday Campaign Creating a Podcast for Your Ministryfor SuccessHow LifeTransformation Ministries are The Organized Development Director Rebranding Fundraising Trends in 2021 and BeyondThe Balancing Act: Ethical Storytelling that Managing Our Expectations Toward Promotes and Protects Millennials 14'