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Women's Recovery Manager (CADC I)

The Women's Recovery Manager will oversee the delivery of case management and addictions recovery program components by managing 4 staff and carrying a case load of up to 7 women. The Women's Recovery Manager will be passionate and skilled in discerning and coaching women to successful growth in addictions recovery, life skills and spiritual formation. This person will provide significant leadership in cultivating a transformative culture by equipping the Shepherd's Door community for effective peer to peer relational interactions leading to Christ-centered growth. CADC licensing is preferred.

-Shepherd's Door community experiences leadership and direction in strengthening a culture of transformation and addressing the individual needs of each program participant
-Recovery staff team (Case Managers, Recidivism Prevention Specialist and Counselor) receive direction, training and development towards goals by supporting, guiding and supervising their delivery of recovery program components and following of all New Life Ministries procedures
-Assigned program participants (up to 7) receive consistent and fruitful care in compliance with the New Life Ministries manual, foundational ministry principles and strengths-based approach to individual and team growth, resulting in the accomplishment of the PRM Ends Statement
-Assigned program participants experience freedom from addictions resulting in sustained recovery by identifying and addressing core struggles utilizing the New Life growth tools, peer-to-peer interactions, and other resources
-Assigned program participants experience purpose and life direction by identifying, cultivating and applying areas of strength and gifting
-Assigned program participants make consistent progress in all areas of program growth plan, Christian maturity, recovery, life skills, relationships, vocation, parenting (as needed), resulting in appropriate and timely phase advancement with the goal of successfully completing the Restoration program
-Assigned program participants experience acceptance, fellowship and service opportunities in a local church community, the mentorship of a well-suited mature Christian volunteer staff and integration into outside recovery support communities in order to support their long-term Christian maturity, recovery and self-sufficiency

-Clearly share the Gospel in individual and group settings as women seek spiritual healing and discipleship.
-Maintain a prayerful posture, remaining attentive to the work of the Holy Spirit, following His lead at all times.
-Use biblical principles in addictions recovery, spiritual formation and life skills training so that program participants grow into Christian maturity in all areas of life.

-Lead SD Growth Team ensuring consistent best practices in therapy and addictions recovery, working in collaboration with Men's Growth Team (located at a nearby facility) to ensure common practices
-Manage SD Growth Team staff so each member is developed, supported and equipped to accomplish ministry outcomes
-Interact with all program participants, volunteer staff and visitors entering SD in a way that consistently reflects the Portland Rescue Mission ministry culture of Highly Relational, Christ-Centered, Joyful Servants
-Clearly communicate with SD staff regarding the ongoing growth of each program participant through the use of DAP case notes, growth plan, program workflow (Resident Tracker database), and weekly Participant Review meeting
-Provide effective peer-to-peer training, equipping and encouraging to program participants so that they experience lasting relational and spiritual growth and adopt a life posture of serving others
-Foster a peaceful and calm atmosphere by viewing challenges as opportunities for growth of all involved, swiftly addressing interpersonal conflicts, and collaborating with staff, volunteers and participants in resolving problems
-Cultivate grateful service by celebrating God's transformational grace at work in people's lives and the community
-Oversee the progression and successful completion of the growth plan for each assigned program participant by meeting weekly with each participant, using weekly one-on-one documents and providing insight and solutions regarding obstacles to growth
-Collaborate with outside agencies, services and providers in order to ensure care for each assigned program participant, integrating outside services into their growth plan as needed
-Track participant progress in Resident Tracker database through regular case notes, program enrollments, growth plan progress and completion of workflow
-Lead weekly Triage and Participant Review meetings (opportunity to collaborate around participant growth)
-Support the learning of all SD participants through classes and groups by utilizing New Life Ministries curriculum and strategies according to the needs of the community
-Support ministry coverage at Shepherd's Door, being available for necessary program operations (e.g. UA/BA, exits, med call, crisis counseling)
-Oversee all medication approvals for assigned program participants using Talbott Guide and program policies
-Manage participant absence request forms by utilizing outlook calendar
-Work in partnership with the Volunteer Department to equip SD volunteer staff (e.g. mentors) to cultivate relational and spiritual growth of program participants

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Exempt
Category:  Program Management

5/17/2021 7:21:02 PM

Job Contact:
Dallas Lange
(503) 906-7633

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