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Men's Shelter Support Staff

Maintain constant communication while on shift with Lead Supervisor and other departments as needed.
Incorporate Biblical principles into interactions with clients and other staff that build positive and productive relationships.
Maintain a loving and peaceful environment by exercising spiritual care over the staff and clients as needed.
Assist all clients with basic needs while on their shift.
Assist with all meals and snacks served on their shift.
Model a Christ-like attitude fostering community living and peace.
Acknowledge growth, discipline and use positive reinforcement with clients and staff.
High School Diploma or Equivalent
Drug and Nicotine Free

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Hourly
Category:  Other

10/1/2020 7:09:11 AM

Job Contact:
Wanda Best
(269) 345-2974

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448 North Burdick Street
Kalamazoo, MI 49007

(269) 345-2974

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