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Administrative Director

Klamath Falls Gospel Mission
Administrative Director - Job Description

Principal Functions
The Administrative Director shall be employed by the Board of Directors to supervise the operations of the Mission. The Director shall adhere to all policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors and perform the duties as outlined in his/her job description.

Under no circumstances, to take actions that are contrary to the Holy Scriptures, or the specific guidelines set down by Mission policies.
Provide administrative leadership for the total Mission Program.
Work with the Board of Directors, all Committees, and Staff as a part of a team.
Be present at all Board meetings, make reports as required, and provide the Board with adequate information to help them reach sound decisions and policies.
Be aware of the financial condition of the Mission, operate as closely as possible within the framework of the annual budget, and work with the Budget Committee to prepare the annual budget that is presented it to the Board for approval.
Supervise the hiring, firing and evaluation of all Staff. Train potential Staff members as appropriate to their position in the Mission and conduct a Staff Meeting at least once a week.
Provide or oversee property management of all Mission-owned buildings, including collecting rent, dealing with tenants, and addressing maintenance issues.
Work with and participate with the Fundraising Committee to plan fundraising programs.
Counsel with individuals as well as members of the Staff.
Speak at various churches, civic functions, etc. in the representation of the Mission.
Other duties as necessary.

$55,000 + depending on experience.

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Exempt
Category:  CEO/Executive Director

5/20/2022 2:50:16 PM

Job Contact:
Candy Sanders
(541) 882-4895

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1931 Mission Ave
Klamath Falls, OR 97601

(541) 882-4895

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