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Addiction Counseling Department Chair

This is a part-time, remote work-from-home hourly staff position that reports to City Vision University’s President. It includes the following work areas:

Course and Program Management and Quality Assurance (70%). Works with the President to improve the quality of the content in courses in the program.
* Per-Term Course Quality Reviews. Completes a spot check review of each course before each term to ensure the quality of the new course instance. * * * * Reviews faculty and student feedback related to course content and maintains a list of action items to be used in the next minor revision. Fixes any content problems in courses as they come up in the term.
* Course Design and Major Revisions. Develops new courses or supervises contractors to develop new courses aligned with our values and priorities as assigned by the President. Works with the President (and contractors as needed) to conduct major revisions to courses.

Faculty Management and Quality Assurance (20%). Works with the President to recruit, administer, support, monitor and evaluate adjunct faculty to ensure quality program delivery for the program.
* Recruitment. Assist in recruiting new quality faculty in the program. Reviews new candidates and conducts interviews for new faculty in the program.
* Administrative. Provides input into faculty scheduling of courses each year. Fills in for faculty who cannot finish teaching in a term.
* Support & Evaluation. Provides support and training resources to improve faculty quality. Assisting in faculty training calls. Follows up with faculty who are not meeting expectations to provide support, training and correction Reviews student feedback as it relates to faculty. Completes at least one formative evaluation of each faculty each year. Complete a year-end summative evaluation of each faculty assessing which faculty to renew. This includes a follow-up meeting with any returning faculty.

Compliance, Student Support, Reporting and Accreditation (10%)
* Compliance. Works with the President to ensure that all DEAC, Missouri, Federal and International standards are met, especially those surrounding quality measures including student satisfaction and graduation rates within the program. Assists the President in preparing documents required for reaccreditation to ensure that all DEAC standards are met for the program.
* Student Support. Supports students and potential students, as second-line support to the Director of Admissions and the Director of Student Services. Develops and implements strategies to improve student retention within the program. Conducts exit interviews with graduating students.
* Team Support. Attends bi-weekly one-to-one supervision meetings with the President and attends all staff meetings. Provides support in any area needed as directed by the President.

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Time:  Part-Time
Salary:  Hourly
Category:  Counseling

4/8/2022 12:43:33 PM

Job Contact:
Andrew Sears
(816) 708-0798

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