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Outreach Specialist ($1,000) Signing bonus

Summary of the Role
This position supports the Outreach Ministries and efforts to end homelessness by providing support to the Outreach Team and overall outreach efforts that addresses poverty, addiction, employment, housing, mental health and spirituality of those we serve.

Mel Trotter Ministries Staff Attributes

We expect all staff to project and exemplify passion to a faith-based approach to advocacy for the guests, to be humble, supportive team players, who acknowledge their own gifts and those of others, are truthfully transparent, seek input from others, admit and learn from mistakes, are highly coachable and approachable. We expect a hungry, innovative, goal-oriented, eager contributor, who shows a dedicated work ethic. We expect our staff to exhibit empathy, compassion, active listening, to be self- aware, sensitive across racial, class and cultural lines, ethical, and approachable. We look for work habits of punctuality, dependability, accountability, responsibility, cooperation, team participation, integrity, problem solving, and overall positivity.

These attributes, combined with the performance of one duties and achievement of goals will be equated with the quality of one overall job performance. Please refer to them often and feel free to ask for feedback on these areas regularly.

Essential Job Duties

Exhibit and exercise strong knowledge of resources directly related to housing and employment in Grand Rapids.
Inform those we serve of the services available to help them in their present situation. Ensure they have access to information on housing and other options to include Program options.
Work with the Outreach team to develop plans to fix any issues that are encountered within the department. Initiate communication with the Outreach Coordinator on any operational or personnel issues that may negatively impact operations.
Serve as an active training resource for volunteers participating in Outreach shifts to ensure the highest quality experience for all involved.
Assist in the creation of meaningful and productive roles in which volunteers might serve in the organization, and to interact positively and cooperatively with our volunteers.
Ensure all volunteers and interns are interacting with those we serve in a grace-based and relationally driven manner.
Maintain accurate and timely records, and ensure the physical security and maintenance of assigned equipment.
Maintain a positive, pleasant, professional Christian attitude. Work with other staff to forge and model transparent and supportive relationships
Attend all Mission meetings and training sessions, as required.
Work effectively with colleagues throughout the Mission's organization to achieve ministry objectives, maintaining good communication and working relationships
Drive between various ministry locations as needed.
Any other job-related duties as assigned by supervisor.

Hope Outreach Van
Prep and operate the MTM Outreach van at various locations and outreach locations bringing much needed care to those we serve in Grand Rapids
Work with partners, churches, and volunteers to meet the needs of unsheltered individuals
Provide outreach services and resources to individuals at each site to include, clothing distribution, hygiene products and food when available.
Work closely with the Outreach Coordinator to manage inventory and supplies for outreach

MTM Shower Truck
1. Prep and operate the Mission shower trailer at various locations and per-determined outreach locations bringing much needed care to those we serve in Grand Rapids
2. Work with partners, churches, volunteers and program interns to help set-up, operate and tear-down clean the shower trailer multiple times a week.
3. Provide outreach services and resources to individuals at each site to include, clothing distribution, hygiene products and food when available.
4. Work closely with the Outreach Coordinator and Facilities Department to address any maintenance issues with shower trailer, van or equipment.
5. Restock and order all necessary supplies and equipment needed to successfully sustain shower trailer ministry efforts.

Minimum two years experience working in proximity with similar population
Trauma-informed care and de-escalation training, or willing to train
Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
Valid Driver License, Chauffer License preferred
Ability to work independently and with little supervision
Ability to communicate our vision professionally and passionately
Highly organized, detail-oriented, able to manage multiple projects

Working Conditions
Regular standing, walking, climbing, crouching, bending, pushing, or pulling
Understand, speak, read, and write fluent English
Ability to communicate verbally and to accurately hear, with hearing correction
Ability to see 20/20, with vision correction
Able to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally, and up to 35 pounds regularly
Able to use fine motor hand functions
Able to work outside in varying temperatures from 32 degrees to above 80 degrees
Able to drive and to enter and exit a van repeatedly during each Outreach tour

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Hourly
Category:  Communications/Public Relations

3/3/2022 10:09:32 AM

Job Contact:
Ed Robinson
(616) 558-8701

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