Expansion Program

Throughout North America, and now in Jamaica, individuals and organizations that have committed themselves to reaching out to the hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted are getting the help they need to develop and grow into established ministries at an accelerated pace. It is happening in cities, towns, and rural areas where there has not been a focused gospel outreach to at-risk people. Additionally, established missions are replicating themselves across the continent, which means that more people are having critical physical needs met and more are experiencing the saving grace of Jesus. This is the purpose of the AGRM Expansion Program. 

Mature missions nurturing fledgling missions has long been a hallmark of AGRM, but it was in 1989 that the association really started to put its mind and muscle into a structured growth and development program. The AGRM Expansion Program provides technical and financial support for ministries that are three years old or newer, or that have gone through a major reorganization in the last two years, with a goal of helping to accelerate their growth and development into stable, self-supporting member organizations who will later assist in the growth and development of new ministries.

These missions are called expansion missions, and they can remain in the Expansion Program for a maximum of three years, unless they are selected as the multi-year project recipient—which would add three additional years to their eligibility. In partnership with its District Officers, AGRM raises funds to help expansion mission leaders get organized and educated in the ways of RESCUE.

Every three years the AGRM board of directors selects a ministry as the AGRM Expansion Project to receive major multi-year funding and expertise for its accelerated growth and development. On an ongoing basis, expansion mission leaders receive scholarships to attend national, regional, or local training events; are offered internship opportunities with mature missions; are paired with experienced mentors; and, if funds are available, may receive a special-purpose grant to assist with a designated need. 

One important component of the Expansion Program is mentoring. The relationships between established and expansion ministries has proven to be one of growth and learning for both. More details on this subject can be found in the Expansion Mission Mentoring Kit.

For more information about AGRM Expansion Program, contact Selena Hayle, Expansion Coordinator