Citygate Network helps provide information and support for member organizations and those affected by this year’s storms 

Following a record-setting 2017 hurricane season, many hoped 2018 would be a calmer year for the East and Gulf coasts of the United States. However, this year seems to be shaping up to be on par with last year. During this season of such significant weather-related events, we have created this page to provide information for the public on finding help, if needed, as well as a place to get information on Citygate Network  members affected by the storm.

Need Help? 

If you are personally affected by a hurricane and need emergency shelter or aid, please use our directory to locate the nearest mission or like-minded ministry in your community. 

We have also provided a hurricane discussion forum for our member missions to use to update us on the latest in their community (member log-in required). We will post some of their comments at the bottom of this page under "News from Citygate Network Members."


Support Your Local Mission

Assistance provided by local missions and kindred ministries is free of charge to those in need. Please note the following ways you can support missions in areas affected by this year's hurricanes.

Financial Contributions

Citygate Network members are primarily privately funded and depend on financial contributions to provide aid and emergency shelter to those left homeless and hungry in the wake of disaster. Cash is the most efficient method of donating because it offers these organizations the most flexibility in obtaining the most-needed resources. Use our directory to find the Citygate Network member organization nearest you that you might want to donate to; click its website link, and in most cases the organization's online donation link will be listed. If not, check the mission website's home page.


Donate in-kind goods that are specifically requested or needed by the organization. Confirm the needs by contacting the mission of your choice before starting to collect. Most will typically need the items below during a natural disaster:



Immediately following a disaster, a community can easily become overwhelmed by the amount of generous people who want to help. Contacting and affiliating with an established mission or like-minded ministry in your area will help to ensure that you are appropriately trained to respond in the most effective way.

Be patient. Recovery lasts a lot longer than the media's attention. There will be volunteer needs for many months, often years, after a disaster—especially when a local community enters the long-term recovery period.


Citygate Network's Intercessory Prayer Team is praying for all those affected by these storms, and asking God for protection of life and property. You can join them by lifting your local mission before God in prayer.


News from Citygate Network Members

In the space below, we will provide updates from our members in areas affected by this year's storms (most recent information listed first):