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Landmark discussions held at AGRM's CEO Summit

Panama City Beach, Flor. (Sep 10, 2013)— Fifty-three rescue mission CEOs from across North America have gathered together at Edgewater Beach and Golf Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida, for penetrating dialogue on matters that will have a bearing on all ministries. At this year’s CEO Summit on September 10‐12, these significant topics include: 

Ministry CEOs will have the opportunity to deeply discuss these major issues and benefit from concentrated time of peer-to-peer engagement. The summit is not lectures-based but rather about participant-driven dialogue. AGRM will have several subject matter experts to launch and speak into the discussion including Duffy Robbins, professor at Eastern University and expert on popular culture; Jon Ruybalid, AGRM member attorney and nonprofit law specialist; Michael Brewer, attorney well-versed in labor, immigration, and welfare law; and Bob Brown, attorney and author of Legal Realities: Silent Threats to Ministries.

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Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM)—an association of more than 275 rescue missions across North America. AGRM member ministries serve approximately 50 million meals, provide more than 20 million nights’ lodging, distribute more than 27 million pieces of clothing, bandage the wounds of hundreds of abuse victims, and graduate 18,000-plus homeless men and women from addiction-recovery programs into productive living. AGRM is North America’s oldest and largest network of crisis shelters and rehabilitation centers, offering radical hospitality in the name of Jesus. Rescue missions provide some of the nation’s most effective and efficient rehabilitation, education, job training, and life skills programs for homeless men, women, and children.