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Happy New Year from Citygate Network!
Our entire team joins together to wish you a terrific 2022 as you embrace the blessing and work through the challenges that our Heavenly Father will allow to come your way over the next 365 (now 363) days. We want to hear about those blessings. Please add Citygate Network to your mailing list if you haven’t already. And we certainly want to know about the challenges—as early as possible. We want to help. That’s been a big reason for our existence through the decades.


Restating Our Mission and Values
Since we have a lot of new members tracking with us and staff turnover at member organizations happens quite regularly, this first Street Smart of the year might be a good time to mention all of the reasons we exist (as detailed in our Mission Statement). Citygate Network stands ready to provide:

VISION: Showing members all of the big-picture possibilities
EDUCATION: Furnishing facts, figures, best practices, reports
TRAINING: Offering conferences, summits, forums, webinars
RESOURCES: Saving members money on products and services
GUIDANCE: Helping solve organizational, legal, PR dilemmas
REPRESENTATION: Telling the public about member successes
NEXUS: Coordinating numerous networks of crucial partners

Our website has plenty of information on how we fulfill what’s listed above.

But behind all of the member benefits that Citygate Network provides is an organization built on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. We believe His gospel story gives hope to the hopeless and His Word and the Holy Spirit provide complete instruction to practice Kingdom living on earth as we prepare for His kingdom in heaven.

To remain true to our Savior and effective for you, at Citygate Network we follow these established corporate values:

Following God's mandates for life and ministry

Inspired by HISTORY
Building on a solid foundation of positive results

Roused by CULTURE
Evaluating and moving with a changing world

Propelled by COMPASSION
Helping all people because of Christ's perfect love

Activated by INFORMATION
Researching and disseminating data for decisions

Keeping members and the public wholly informed

Working broadly to maximize impact and results

Advanced by UNITY
Affirming racial equality for ministry completion

Thank you for the privilege of serving you and your organization as you bring his Kingdom to communities large and small throughout North America. Now, let’s see where 2022 takes us.


Is This Seat Taken?
The new year is also a good time to make sure you are taking full advantage of the number of “member seats” Citygate Network has allotted to you. The number of seats your organization gets is determined by the size of your operating budget. Bigger organizations pay higher membership dues because they have more staff who get Instigate magazine, Street Smart, and other bulletins; more people to access the website; more folks to get discounts on products and services; and more individuals to reach out for other member benefits. But a recent check of some of our largest organizations showed that quite a few were not current with their seats. This is likely because of staff turnover. One person leaves and another person comes. The “keeper of records” doesn’t let Citygate Network know, so the former employee is still in our database and emailed resources are going into cyberspace. Or sometimes we are told about a person leaving and we remove him or her from our records, but when the new person comes, that info never reaches us. You can update your member records online, but if you are not sure how to do that, contact Aly Zadurowicz in our office (719-266-8300, ext. 100) and she’ll show you how to make the change, or make it for you while you’re on the phone. Consider: If you’re not sure who should be “seated,” maybe somebody on your board would like to be in your allotment of members.


Membership Numbers Remain High
In a day when many professional associations (both secular and faith-based) are seeing membership numbers drop, Citygate Network continues to see stability and even growth. For those of you who have been with us for a while, thank you for your faithfulness. The times in which we live and serve can be difficult and demanding. Having a large community of co-laborers with a shared vision and goals can be encouraging and powerful. As one member put it, “Considering the storms on the sea of life that are out there today, it’s smart to be in the biggest boat possible. Citygate Network, for us, is that boat.” Be on the lookout for others in your city or region who can benefit from being part of Citygate Network and whose inclusion can make our association even stronger. Send any membership leads you might have to Aly Zadurowicz. We recently received a significant gift that we will be putting toward our membership scholarship program (for first-time members). If you introduce us to a potential member who joins within 30 days of introduction, you’ll also get a special gift from Citygate Network.


Mark Your Calendar Now for a COVID Update Call
Because the COVID omicron variant is January’s top news story (as we said would likely be the case in the last issue of Street Smart), Citygate Network plans to host another member wide Zoom call on this lingering pandemic. It will be February 2 at 12:00 p.m. (noon), Mountain Time. We’ll get an update from our primary contact at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Emily Mosites. We will include more details and registration information (to sign up members of your team) in the January 18 issue of Street Smart.


Another Win-Win for Citygate Network Members and Denver Mattress
For the 19th year in a row, Citygate Network members in cities with a Denver Mattress franchise have benefited from an annual mattress drive run by the national organization. For every mattress they sold during the month of November, the Denver-based retailer donated $15 to member missions and ministries in cities where they do business across the country. In 2021, they once again sold enough mattresses to meet the $150,000 max and will distribute $2,815 to all members in participating cities as a result. Those checks just went out in the mail. Citygate Network gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the Visser family that brings this program to our members.

This first-of-the-year issue of Street Smart is abbreviated because of the holiday week in our rearview mirror. We will return to our full issue on January 18. Street Smart is sent the 1st and 15th of every month (or the first workday following if one of those days is on a weekend or holiday). Also, be watching for a Street Smart redesign in 2022.

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