Citygate Network is excited to continue partnering with ARMS (Abuse Recovery Ministry Services) to present the Abuse Recovery certificate program to our members. This course will prepare you to facilitate the nationally recognized abuse and violence recovery program called Her Journey. This exceptional training meets industry standards for working with victims of abuse and violence.

Once you’ve completed this program, you will be a certified facilitator who can present the lessons of Her Journey in a group setting in your mission or ministry, helping victims and survivors of abuse to find their path to healing. Survivors grow in the understanding of God’s love and accept their own value. The newly found belief that they are valuable changes the choices they make and affects the life they live.

Some of the topics covered include: understanding abuse, depression, anger, tools to think God’s way, the power of choices, and learning to dream again.

The 13-week Certificate Program will begin:

The classes will be held via live Zoom meetings for the first eight weeks with an additional five weeks of online training through the ARMS learning platform. Sessions 1–8 are webinar lessons that offer future facilitators a deep understanding of the Her Journey program. The facilitator training modules presented in weeks 9–16 are offered in a monitored video format with chats and live Q&A after each module.

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Registration Fee: $309.00 per person


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ARMS Certificate Program Details

Upon Completion:

Ongoing Annual Recertification: $65.00 per person

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