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Justin's Place Manager




Oversees the administration of Justin’s Place Recovery for men for Wolfe Apartments and for Motivation Track.  Oversees, manages and monitors residents at both our Wolfe Apartments location in Golden Gate City and our Motivational Track in Naples.   Oversees the assigned caseloads of case managers, builds healthy, godly relationships with residents and staff through mentoring and leading by example. Develops program plans/goals and evaluates resident’s progress by conducting routine meetings with residents. Serves as an advocate for residents in order to obtain services-both within St. Matthew’s House and through community resources that will enable them to function independently. St. Matthew’s House is a faith based 501(c)(3) charitable organization that exists to transform lives in a spiritual environment that is both compassionate and disciplined.


Challenges the residents in the program to be men who honor and walk with God in integrity and truth
Oversees resident processes needed in the following areas: medical, financial and personal growth.
Helps develop program features that assist in the building of healthy relationship with residents.
Monitors the development care plans for residents; instructs staff in completing necessary paperwork, including goals or budget forms; completes orientation checklist form and obtains release of information forms when appropriate
Meets regularly with staff to discuss and evaluate their progress; prepares accurate and up-to-date records documenting same.
Prepares and maintains case notes dealing with extenuating circumstances relating to client and/or resident issues; ensures the accuracy and completeness of same
Ensures that residents maintain program fees and that all required documentation and are progressing to be successful in the workplace and recovery
Helps plan, coordinate and facilitate life management classes to assist residents in obtaining skills that will enable them to cope with their environment; obtains and utilizes volunteers and workshop presenters as needed
Oversees the periodical apartment, room, and bunk checks to ensure resident’s living quarters are properly maintained
Performs random drug screens on residents that are on their caseload
In conjunction with the case management staff, oversees the referral of residents to other agencies based on a resident’s needs and in accordance with their program plan
Is able to completes discharge of residents with accurate information
Weekly attends community meetings with case managers.
 Keeps other, St Matthew’s House programs and outside agencies informed of any changes to the St. Matthew's House recovery programs and updates any changes pertaining to the agencies’ services (these meetings would also include AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, etc.)
Meets with program director weekly to provide updates on the status of resident’s progress
Works closely with case managers and recovery team members and when needed helps assist with class lecture/facilitation
Utilizes other team members to address issues when assistance is needed with case management
Be able to utilize all 12-core functions of Addictions Counseling
Be familiar with the intake process and oversee the admission process of all residents coming into Justin’s Place Recovery Programs for Men. 
Be able to hire, manage, and discharge staff according to St Matthew’s House guidelines and policies and procedures. 

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Exempt
Category:  Program Management

2/20/2019 2:58:00 PM

Job Contact:
Andy Wasch
(239) 774-0500

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