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Retail Supervisor

Retail Supervisor
General Description
The Retail Supervisor oversees operations of production at the Building Hope location. The key duty of the Retail Supervisor is to support all positions related to store production. This position monitors and assists every job function related to production and related activities of the store to ensure a steady flow of merchandise in and out of the building. The Retail Supervisor leads staff, residents, volunteers and others by example and guides and encourages them to excel in their departments.

Work requirements and Core responsibilities
Work Requirements-Retail Supervisor

Work as a team orientated leader to effectively process items through the production areas and ensure a steady flow of merchandise to the retail floor
Know how to work with co-workers to get the needed tasks done in a timely manner
Have excellent communication skills: be able to lead daily devotions, prayer, team meetings, etc.
Maintain a positive Christian attitude and good character
Have the ability to lift with assistance over 50 lbs
Be certified through HGM to operate a forklift
Have the knowledge of all types of product coming through the production areas
Be knowledgeable with pricing of all items within the store pricing guide and continually updating it as needed
Ability to drive
Core Responsibilities- Retail Supervisor

Manage the flow of merchandise in and out of production
Oversee all Production, Driver, Recycling Program, Intake and Shipping operations
Maintain clean, organized and safe production areas
Take an active role in the recruiting, onboarding, training and retention of staff and volunteers
Lead Staff, Work Program Trainees, SCET, CCEP, Community Service, Volunteers and Work Groups

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Hourly
Category:  Other

11/18/2018 1:38:03 PM

Job Contact:
Candy Thaler
(715) 839-9498

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