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Women's Case Manager (Growth Leader)

The Women’s Growth Leader is responsible to oversee, develop and coordinate the growth of a Family Group of residents (around 12 women) through integrating addictions recovery, spiritual formation and life skills training all aiming toward the result of Christ-centered, life transformation. The Women’s Growth Leader will work alongside other staff and volunteers to implement the various components of the New Life Ministry for women while creating a safe, highly relational and Christ-centered ministry environment. This person will be passionate and skilled in discerning and coaching women to success in Christian discipleship and addictions recovery. In addition, this person will be a strong communicator and mobilizer of staff and volunteers so that others are equipped to best serve each woman. CADC licensing is required.

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Exempt
Category:  Case Management

7/3/2018 11:34:01 PM

Job Contact:
Dallas Lange
(503) 906-7633

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