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Health and Wellness Center Manager

- The Health and Wellness Center Manager is primarily responsible for the business operations of our health clinic and provide oversight of our clinic staff, students, volunteers, operations, and partnerships.

Clinic Growth & Financial Development
- Develop and maintain clinic strategic plan and budget in collaboration with Rescue Mission Director
- Aggressively pursue grants that provide for the clinic
- Position clinic towards earned revenue for sustainable growth
- Maintain presence and build relationships with the medical community of the Bay Area
- Network with potential partners to establish the connection to primary care

Recruit and Develop Staff and Volunteers
- Ensure clinic staff and volunteers are growing as leaders and hold them accountable
- Assign appropriate roles for all service lines
- Conduct SFCI tour for all new clinic volunteers prior to becoming involved in daily activities

Oversee Daily Clinic Operations
- Work in collaboration with Nurse Manager to ensure clinic is adequately staffed daily
- Maintain all clinic license, permit, and certification records
- Ensure appropriate operating systems are working and keeping pace with growth needs (i.e. inventory, electronic health records system, grant tracking, etc.)

- Love for Jesus and His Church
- Agreement with the statement of faith, theology, and core values of SF City Impact
- Demonstrates integrity, truthfulness, discretion, and conducts self in a professional manner making proper use of organizational resources
- Demonstrates the ability to discuss confidential matters in an appropriate manner or setting and to the appropriate person
- Strong attention to detail and communication skills
- Demonstrates the ability to lead a high capacity team in a high intensity environment

Time:  Full-Time
Salary:  Hourly
Category:  Program Management

4/7/2017 4:16:49 PM

Job Contact:
Ryan Hsu
(415) 292-1770

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230 Jones St
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 292-1770

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